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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


hello. I can feel the change with the love that I experience now with what I had experienced before. What I have done so I can not love an immortal? although there is no lover I'm in love, they still left me with a sense of passion, which is too bad. I apologize if I was not able to provide the perfect love as another man gave. but what I do as kneeling to receive love in front of our friends? beautifully carved my name wherever located? I cry every conflict we've been through? go to your house, because I miss you? yelled your name at the beach when you were sad? work to buy a ring for you? is it not enough? sorry if I'm wrong to love. I've been doing what you do best to smile. but what I can from my old sweetheart? it hurt? why I never leave a woman? Why should I leave? because I too love them. I would hope that this will pass after I am happy. Now, everyone will know that I love hard penance was a natural. many women who say I am a rocker. but on the other hand, I really appreciate the love and I often hurt. there may be wisdom in spite of all the pain that I have experienced. and probably also all my old lovers will experience karma. up there. goodbye.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

render a service

here it is, motorcycle bring a lot of memories with me and Mamal. and today (16/11/10) is the last day we rode bikes to school. and, that we commonly call motorcycle ABOY RED. problems common damage to the motorcycle. however, suffered very serious problem. but it remains our intention to report to school. ABOY RED, thank you for all your help so far. We both loved you, ABOY RED. you are the friends that we need when we are hard or easy. once again, THANK YOU. with the utmost care, Andy and Mamal.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

weird day.

Today, I had packed my things to go to Miri. but, suddenly canceled my trip. so beautiful! shit! why it is not. Other days there. and also, today all sorts of problems occur. I have a sarcastic, some people can suddenly be in love, there is duplicity. heard good things here, I would not be surprising. I just sit, relax, and I want you to enjoy my middle finger. so I do not worry about anything because my middle finger just to translate what I am saying. and if you want more, wait a minute. I take the time to take a gun and shoot you right in the forehead. easy, right? If you hate me, take all my words and go. like what I always say. problem? leave. Thank you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


hey asses! hows chillin'? kinda bored nowadays. theres nothing to do recently. and i am so in love again. hahaha. how i wish i can feel the love that i sppose to hve like my 1st love. haha. funny. nvm. lets chop it out. this coming raya holiday, m going back to BARIO! totally awesome! only God knows how much i miss bario. haha. can't wait for that. i will take a lot of pic for sure. heeee. i just can't wait. and wanna know why i really wanna go there? cos i love d weather and when my mum cook local foods. damn! its killing me! even it is simple kinda food. urrrrrrrggggg!!! u nvr wanna stop tasting it! damn it! punek ajak lah. hahaa. and for sure, the KERABAU hate me so much. always stare at me like it wanna eat me. gonna kill you mr. weird animal! hahaha. want some ole2? sure i'll bring you a bag full with BARIO SALT. hahahaha.or LEMATEK. hahahaha. its kinda fun tho. i really enjoy adventure. walk in the forest. as you all know, my wish is to bcme a man lik BEAR GRYLLS (man vs. wild) hahaha. one day. okay. one day. haha. alright thn. gotta go! gonna dream about bario tonight. with her~  chow kit road. chow

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

muscle car

heyy all! actually i have such a bad habit. and it is... i am so addicted with muscle car. i dreamed about it almost all night. that car is way to.....friggin' hot. :( i keep on begging my mummy to buy one for me. hope after my final SPM exam drop  and dead, she'll buy one for me. hahaha. HOPE SO! almost all of my cousins hoping for their parents to buy them a muscle car too. maybe KETURUNAN ADDICTION. hahaha. i will keep on praying so that mummy will buy me one. its cool to have such a great car like that anyway. :D alright then, thats all about the muscle car thingy. hahaha. chow kit road. peace out!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

this is the first avenged sevenfold song that i loved. till now, i keep on lovin' it. the song are just awesome. this song always remind me of jimmy "the rev" sullivan. hope his spirit may be warm with our lord JESUS CHRIST in heaven. missed you a lot. this is it. AVENGED SEVENFOLD - I WON'T SEE YOU TONIGHT.

Cry alone, I've gone away
No more nights, no more pain
I've gone alone, took all my strength
I've made the change,
I won't see you tonight

Sorrow, sank deep inside my blood

All the ones around me
I cared for and loved

Building up inside of me

A place so dark, so cold, I had to set me free
Don't mourn for me,
You're not the one to place the blame
As bottles call my name I won't see you tonight

Sorrow sank deep inside my blood

All the ones around me
I cared for and most of all I loved
But I can't see myself that way
Please don't forget me or cry while I'm away

Cry alone, I've gone away

No more nights, no more pain
I've gone alone, took all my strength
But I've made the change,
I won't see you tonight

So far away, I'm gone.

Please don't follow me tonight
And while I'm gone everything will be alright

No more breath inside

Essence left my heart tonight
No more breath inside
Essence left my heart tonight

in loving memory of jimmy "the rev" sullivan 9/02/1981 - 28/12/2009


friend. as what we all know. friend are just smethng which is wonderful and make our life much better. as who i am. after moving to bintulu on March 16, 2007, there is a friend named AKMAL ABDUL KUDDUS. as known as mamal. he is the first friend that suit me. our journey start with a game of futsal. what a surprise, my ex-girlfriend also in a good relation with his ex-girlfriend. haha. how i thank God for giving me such a great friend like him. till now, me and him are just like brother. in pain or in happy time, always together. we used to call each other as DUDE. and people always thought that we are gay. totally fuck off. that will never happened man. we do have our own girlfriend. hhaha. anyway, dude. i want you to know that i love you so much as my brother. i do appreciate you as who you are. hope our good friendship will never end. only death will make us apart dude. thats it. dude will always dude, it will remain in our heart.

Monday, August 9, 2010


anyway, i'm andy. just call me andy. i am 17 this year.totally single, available, meetable, lovable, hugable and hurtable. :D well, thats me. im new here. comforts yourself. im a good boy. anyway, keep on chillin.