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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


hello. I can feel the change with the love that I experience now with what I had experienced before. What I have done so I can not love an immortal? although there is no lover I'm in love, they still left me with a sense of passion, which is too bad. I apologize if I was not able to provide the perfect love as another man gave. but what I do as kneeling to receive love in front of our friends? beautifully carved my name wherever located? I cry every conflict we've been through? go to your house, because I miss you? yelled your name at the beach when you were sad? work to buy a ring for you? is it not enough? sorry if I'm wrong to love. I've been doing what you do best to smile. but what I can from my old sweetheart? it hurt? why I never leave a woman? Why should I leave? because I too love them. I would hope that this will pass after I am happy. Now, everyone will know that I love hard penance was a natural. many women who say I am a rocker. but on the other hand, I really appreciate the love and I often hurt. there may be wisdom in spite of all the pain that I have experienced. and probably also all my old lovers will experience karma. up there. goodbye.