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Monday, March 21, 2011


I no longer have a message here. I do not know why. may be lazy. haha! whatever, my life throughout my breath a bit better. nothing suspicious. but I still have a problem that increasingly complicated romance. usual, probably karma that I have. perhaps I do not know how to treat a person. unfortunate myself. my problem whatsoever, may God's love story central to the very happy for me. hopefully it is. hehe! I do not know, lately, really enjoy my life. many happy stories, joys and sorrows of my face. what people are saying that life! haha! enjoy! many female friends (not special) that I know and I easily have the feeling against them. really funny! I also miss old friends that I do not know where they disappeared. information for you all, I did not know I fell in love with whomDo not say I'm a homosexual. hahaha! I'm a straight okay?! whatever, that's all it is from me. Thank you. out

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ohh, 2011! hope the year 2011 would be a better year. after what I went through last year, I faced many problems such as issues of love, family problems, financial problems, personal problems and all sorts of other problems. whatever, that's life we have to proceed. whatsoever to suspect a problem, I am still going strong. There are also changes that I do as I have deactivate my facebook. facebook pose a problem for a lot of love for me. possible to deactivate it I can change and get good luck. maybe .. many more attempts I need to do starting this year. This is the beginning of a new life after I left school. college, work, money and life everlasting. things will not happen if no effort. even though the past has gone, the past remains in the memories. Thank you, life.