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Thursday, August 12, 2010


hey asses! hows chillin'? kinda bored nowadays. theres nothing to do recently. and i am so in love again. hahaha. how i wish i can feel the love that i sppose to hve like my 1st love. haha. funny. nvm. lets chop it out. this coming raya holiday, m going back to BARIO! totally awesome! only God knows how much i miss bario. haha. can't wait for that. i will take a lot of pic for sure. heeee. i just can't wait. and wanna know why i really wanna go there? cos i love d weather and when my mum cook local foods. damn! its killing me! even it is simple kinda food. urrrrrrrggggg!!! u nvr wanna stop tasting it! damn it! punek ajak lah. hahaa. and for sure, the KERABAU hate me so much. always stare at me like it wanna eat me. gonna kill you mr. weird animal! hahaha. want some ole2? sure i'll bring you a bag full with BARIO SALT. hahahaha.or LEMATEK. hahahaha. its kinda fun tho. i really enjoy adventure. walk in the forest. as you all know, my wish is to bcme a man lik BEAR GRYLLS (man vs. wild) hahaha. one day. okay. one day. haha. alright thn. gotta go! gonna dream about bario tonight. with her~  chow kit road. chow

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